Payment & Refund Policy

We only accept credit card such as Visa and MasterCard, we only deduct payment from your card upon commencement of your membership. The amount will never be higher than what was agreed upon completion of your purchase. If the price is more than 100€, we need to make additional verification it could be 3Ds Secure by VISA and Mastercard.

Recurring Billing

As mentioned in our terms and conditions of this website, the subscription can be renewed automatically after the end trial, or a similar period of time and for a similar or lower amount. until the membership is cancelled by you, but until that you are approved to PetsSplash can charge every month from the same payment method and time period.

When you accept our terms and conditions, you/subscriber accepts to become a member and gets a 7 day trial on PetsSplash for only 4.95€. And after the end period you become fuld member unless the membership is cancelled prior to the end of the trial period. Otherwise you accept us to charge the Membership fee for the next billing period. You will get billig notification from [email protected]

Membership Refund Policy

You can always cancel your membership at any time, and when you choose to cancel your membership, you are still a member until the end of the current period already started and you will not be charged for further Membership after that. We can not give any refunds since the cancellation is effectuated instantly after the commenced period, in some rare cases if you are unhappy with ur membership we can offer to return your membership for the last two months, then please let us know by sending an email to [email protected] and we will try to take a decision within 3-4 working days.

Product Refund Policy

We have great return policy at PetsSplash normal standard is 14 days, but we offer 30days and will be valid from the day you receive your product, and then you have 30 days to return if you are dissatisfied, but needs to be in same condition as when you received it and in original package If you wish to return one or more purchased products, let us know via; [email protected] (we will reply within 24 hours). We will not return the full amount for the goods if the sealed goods are broken o can not been used again.